The term “fake news” may be new, but the phenomenon has been around for a long time. So what exactly is “fake news” and why is it such a big deal? After all, isn’t everyone entitled to express their opinion? Isn’t everyone working an angle?

You’re invited to join us April 24th at 7:15 pm for the final lecture in our Making Sense of Current Event Series. In this talk, Dr. Jim Caccamo will explore the different media practices that we now refer to together as “fake news,” and suggest that if we want to see a world that supports flourishing rather than just winning, we need to find, support and produce media that expresses the truth.

Dr. Jim Caccamo is Associate Professor of Social Ethics and Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Saint Joseph’s University. His specializations include moral implications of technology and media practices.

Call the library at 610-566-9331 to register.